Situated at Siak District, Riau Province, Zamrud National Park which was proclaimed on the 22 July 2016 as the 52 national park in the nation. From Pekanbaru, the capital city of Riau Province, this national park can be reached by driving for 3 hours. The region of the recreation center was utilized to be a Wildlife Sanctuary of Lake Zamrud with 30 hectares of woodland inclusion. At that point, it was reached out into 31.340 hectares when it is named as a national park. The assurance of this territory into a conservation region is much the same as satisfying the interest on the need of secured zone. The recreation center which is ruled by peat marsh timberland biological system is the last fortification for the encompassing region. Like a giant bowl, the soil inside the recreation center holds all the water stream in the depth of 1 to 3 meters. Consequently, the recreation center backings altogether the water supply of the encompassing zone. The formation of peat swamp forest needs thousands year to build up. Yet, it is very vulnarable to any changes on the environment. Its sponge-like nature will disappear when the pear layer is damaged. Accordingly, the assurance of this zone as a national park will largerly contribute for the maintainability of this territory.

Sitting at the stature of 100 to 200 meters above ocean level, Zamrud National Park is wealthy in biodiversity. The essential bog timberland which is overwhelmed by swamp plantation, for example, Bengku, Rengas and Pisang-pisang, is a significant natural surroundings of Sumatran tiger (Pantheratigris sumatrensis), red bear (Helarctos malayanus), arwana (Schleropages formasus), Balido and different kinds of snakes. Zamrud National Park is additionally home of 38 bird species and 12 among them is protected, for example, White stork and a few types of hornbills. The Serindit Melayu (Lariculus galgulus) which is symbol for the district additionally live in the recreation center.

Inside the recreation center there two lakes that decorate the lovely scene of the recreation center. The first is Lake Pulau Besar. Literallay Pulau implies island and Besar implies huge. This lake is made out of four gliding islands Pulau Besar, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Bungsu and Pulau Beruk. These islands can move whenever, henceforth they are named as Pulau Hanyut. Hanyut means floating. They are natural surroundings of giant bat. Lake Beruk is the subsequent one. Refering to its name, Beruk means chimp (primates ecaudate), there are bunches of apes living encompass the lake.

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