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With 2.35 million hectares region, this national park was appointed as an Asean Herritage Parks in 2004. Having the most chivalrous and fascinating karst caverns arrangements on the planet, it makes the park is one of a kind. Lorentz National Park has a total biological system begun from the highland to the wetland at Arafura shoreline. It speaks to biological system degree which is running in the tallness of 0 – 4.884 above ocean level on which Mount Trikora and Jaya are situated. The Cartenz summit, the most elevated top in South-east Asia is notable to have the interminable day off. The recreation center was perceived as one of the World Heritage Site from UNESCO.

East Baliem River is one case of an underground waterways that streams following the widest karst caves in the world. Baliem rivers streams into the cavern and karst in Luweng Batunaga and afterward develops in the northern edge of Yaruki. At the waterway Baliem Barat, fossil is found as cediment which is additionally known for having the body parts of mammals, for example, Silky cuscus (Phalanger sericeus) and Christensen’s pademelon (Thylogale sp. what’s more, Thylogale christenseni) just as Maokopia ronaldi, the field’s mammals.This Natural World Heritage Site stores Lake Habema which is visited by numerous travelers. Broadening generally at 3,000 meters above ocean level (nearly as high as Mount Mahameru, East Java), the lake has a lower degree temperatures contrasted with other part of Indonesia. The dailly temperature extends between 10-15 degrees Celsius. Lake Habema is situated in Trikora mountains approximatelly 41 kilometers from Wamena. it is available just by engine vehicle for 3 hours riding, going through the profound backwoods.

As the sun moved high, the warmth is begun to consume the body. The vegetation around the lake isn’t the equivalent to other tropical backwoods. At this tallness, no vegetations can develop. Be that as it may, some yellowish and purplish vegetation, their names are as yet obscure yet, spread the wetlands and watery territory.

The obscure yellow vegetation is believed to be anticancer medication and solution for AIDS. Lamentably there has been no study which can clarify them. Around the lake, there lies a wide Habema bog, grass, and old plants.

Inside the profound backwoods, it is as yet have the option to get a beautiful Bird of Paradise (Macgregoria pulchra), and tree kangaroos (Dendrolagus spp). A Visit to this national stops ordinarily will begin packed in August, agreeing with the Baliem Valley Festival. During this occasion, the Baliem will exhibit their lavishness in dancings and societies.

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