Atmosphere, culture, and the backwoods has framed the scene of Laiwangi Wanggameti. To the extent the visual perception, extending slopes to the skyline. At the point when a long dry season, during April to November, the dry season shapes the scene of Sumba.

Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park is secured with a broadest thick woods in Sumba. It stores water assets which is truly required by the nearby community. Also, to the backwoods community depend on their custom, Urata Pogo Wasu. This consecrated function is to decide the tree to be felled. Local learning is as yet kept up and this is to be one of the evidences that Sumba individuals acknowledge to nature. This nearby culture is joined with the national park, situated in the eastern side of the island of Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.

Inside the recreation center, Wanggameti sits at the highest elevation of land in Sumba. It underpins a wide range of backwoods, including Elfin which is once in a while found in Sumba. At a height of 800 meters above ocean level, an assortment of plants flourishes: Guava Forest (Eugenia Litorale), Pulai (Alstonia scholaris), Taduk (Sterculia foetida), Banyan (Ficus sp), Walnut (canarium oleosum), Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon), Pandan (Pandanus sp). The decent variety of avifauna makes Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park celebrated among winged animal sweethearts. The recreation center is home to 215 types of winged creatures. Birdwatchers can add to the their rundown, the eight kinds of feathered creature species endemic to Sumba. There Sumba Hornbill (Aceros everetti), Pungguk Wengi (Ninox rudolfi), pigeon Sumba (Treron tyesmannii), Walik swamp manu (Pthilinopus roherty), and the orange-peaked Cockatoo (Cacatua sulpurea citrineoristata).

Among the dry scene, Laputi waterfall, in the town of Praing Kareha, will complete the visit in Sumba. This waterfall has a giant chalk as high as 100 meters. Not a long way from the waterfall, there is Lake Laputi with watery turquoise. The lake is occupied by APU for grandma, a sort of consecrated eel Kareha Praing society.

They trust, eel inadvertently discharged by the predecessors to keep the springs. Cruising Laiwangi Wanggameti will be increasingly immaculate with hints of megalithic locales that aree still all around protected.

Antiquated rocks can undoubtedly be found toward the edges of Sumba. The Merapu accepts that, home with transcending rooftop, Uma, is the place of to the precursors.

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