It was informed that in the past Mount Rinjani had ever arrived at its tallness at 5.000 meters above ocean level. Nowdays, the summit of Rinjani has been one of the most well known vacationer goals in Gunung Rinjani National Park, West Nusa Tenggara and even in the nation. The pinnacle of Rinjani is currently diminishing at 3.726 meters above ocean level.

Prior to arriving at the summit, climbing trail with up to 80 degrees incline and the 400 meters of “S” molded sand slope, resembles to test the climbers’ nerves. Mass Hiking is generally directed just before the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani can be come to through Senaru and Sembalun entryways. Senaru climbing track is the most packed way. In addition, local people additionally utilize this way to hold customary ceremonies at the highest point of Rinjani or Segara Anak Lake.

Segara Anak Lake has a sickle molded. This lake, can be come to through Senaru and Sembalun, before arriving at the summit of Rinjani. Another mount has been developed in the lake after the emission of Mount Rinjani, known as Gunung Baru Jari. It is as yet dynamic and blow a smoke puff once in a while.

Another intriguing vacation destination is the natural aquifers, one of which is Otak Kokok. Local people accept that the changing of the water shading when it splashes into the body demonstrates strength. In the event that they scrub down under Otak Kokok waterfall and the water transform into white, it demonstrates that they experience the ill effects of ilness. On the contratry, incase the water shower is clear, at that point the person is wellbeing.

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