Mount Maras remaining on Bangka island along with other hills called Nangka, Terang, Tambun Tulang and Perayun. The term of mountain for Maras is really strange. Normally, mountain sits on the land at elevation of 1000 meters above ocean level. However, since Maras is the most elevated point in the island of Bangka, people it as a mountain, instead of hill. Mount Maras was resolved as a national park in 27 July 2016 as the 54th national park in Indonesia.

Mount Maras National Park is situated in two sub dictricts, Riau Silip and Kelapa, Bangka Barat and Bangka District, Province of Bangka Belitung. The uniqueness of Mount Maras is representated by its lavishness in biological system types which is joined in one scene; mangrove, mountain woodland and marsh timberland. This national park is living space for 53 tree species, for example, Pithecolobium sp, Palaquiuma doratum, Eugenia polyantha, Havea brazeillensis, and so forth. The types of Pelawan which is endemic to Bangka island, can likewise be found in the recreation center and there are three of them; air (Tristaniawhiteana Griff.), Pelawan sungon (T. obovata), and Pelawan merah (T. maingayi).

The recreation center is likewise home of endemic fauna, for example, Long followed Macaquea (Macaca fascicularsi), Wild hog (Sus scofa), Trenggiling (Manis javanica), Mouse deer (Tragulus javanicus), Weasel (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites), Monitor reptiles Biawak (Varanus sp.), Lutung (Tracypithecus auratus), and a few types of snakes.

Mount Maras National Park can reached from Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of Bangka Province for 2 hours by driving. Climbing can be begun from Buhir town. It needs 4 hours to arrive at the top of Maras.

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