Mount Ciremai was last detonated in 1938. It has lovely appearance; undulating, uneven and a mountain go. The summit resembles a cone. Mount Ciremai sits at the tallness of 3.078 meter above ocean level, encompassed by patios of rice fields, cold air and clear waterways.

With a territory of 15.500 hectares, the recreation center is significant as water store for the individuals living adjoining the recreation center. It turns into the headwaters of 43 waterways, 156 water springs, and 147 out of it channels water persistently during the year with the quality of drinking water.

The water leaves the recreation center is extremely noteworthy for the individuals living in three areas; Kuningan, Majalengka and Cirebon. Water assets from Ciremai underpins the life of the neighborhood individuals for agribusiness, fishery, drinking water and industry.

Gunung Ciremai has many vacationer’s goal and some of them are very notable, for example, Linggarjati, Telaga Remis, the waterfall of Sawer and Sabuk. One site that is as yet unexplored yet is Cisuria waterfall at Block Ipukan. This square is just 30 minutes away by drive from the focal point of Kuningan City.

The view of Mount Ciremai valley is welcomed at Ipukan. It is situated at the edge of a valley at the tallness of 1.700 above ocean level. This position makes simpler for the guests to see the other foot of the mountanin. Ipukan is the best spot for natural life viewing. Now and again there is a follow of Macan kumbang (Phanterapardus) and Elang jawa (Nisaetus bartelsii) fly in the sky.

Cisuria waterfall isn’t far away from the base of the valley and it goes for the guests to walk down just in 5 minutes. The water that drops from the stature of 40 meters is truly quieting the spirit. Not just the magnificence of its temperament, this cascade is the best spot for endemic untamed life to West Java, for example, Kodok merah (Leptophryne cruentata) which live in the stones arround the cascade.

Eventhough it is calles as Kodok merah, or truly in Bahasa Indonesia implies the red frog, yet the outside of the body is really dark with yellow spots on it. This is a cover to camouflage thier existance on the overgrown rocks arround the waterfall. Their essence is an indication of the high quality of the water of the recreation center.

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