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Gandang Dewata was assigned at 2017 as the 53th national park in Indonesia. This national park covers three regions; Mamasa, Central Mamuju and Mamuju, West Sulawesi Province. Mount Gandang Dewata sits at the stature of 3.037 above ocean level on Qarles mountainours regions which streching over the Sulawesi island from the center, west toward the southern piece of Sulawesi. It is recognized as the second most elevated mount in Sulawesi, after Latimojong, one of the Indonesian seven summit.

In spite of the fact that the stature of the mountain is beneath 4.000 meter above ocean level, it takes 8 to 12 days to arrive at the summit of Mount Gandang Dewata. The fundamental reason is on the grounds that it is situated at remote zone with low accessibility and challenging terrain.

To get to the summit of Gandang Dewata, there are nine mountanis that must cruise by; Lante Bobbok, Parandangan, Pappandangan, Lantang Lomo, Lombok Silenda, Damak-damak, Penga, Naik Daen. From the highest point of Gandang Dewata, ones can see the excellence of the most elevated mountain in Sulawesi, Latimojong. Moreover, a perspective on Mount Kambuno can likewise be seen.

The woods front of Gandang Dewata National Park is as yet virgin with generally high biodiversity of special and endemic of vegetation. This woods is a significant territory of some endemic wildlife of West, for example, Anoa (dmidget buffalo – Bubalusquarlesi), Rangkong (hornbill – Penelopides exarhatus), Maleo, including a few types of frogs, snakes and reptiles. In addition, there is likewise Kondo Bulo, an antiquated relics destinations. It is accepted that these antiquated individuals are still alive in the backwoods nowdays. In any case, they are very dificult to be seen. They generally run quick when they meet people.

The name of Gandang Dewata has an importance related with religion and culture. Nearby individuals state that when they meet issues throughout their life, they will raced to Mount Gandang Dewata and after that shouting outloud of their problems to the nature. Their sounds will at that point reverberation noticeable all around and it is believed as the sound of God for answering their problem. Another believs that the reverberation originating from the stone in the mountain mountain is a remainder for the people doing activities in the forest such as animal hunting or taking plantations, that one of them is passing away. As the source of the stone is unknown, the Mamasa people believe that the sound is originating from God. Subsequently, the name of Gandang Dewata or sound of God is dirived.

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