Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park spreads out on the lofty slopes just in the center of the marsh of Sumatera island. Geologically, this territory is isolated from the chain of Bukit Barisan edge which reaches out along the western piece of Sumatera.

When you investigates the recreation center, you will feel the high dampness of tropical air, yet it will make you perspiring. Four kinds of biological systems structure the scene of Bukit Tigapuluh National Park; flawless backwoods, logged-over zone, shrubs, rubber plantation and field.

Eventhough part of the timberland has been interupted by human activities, however this park represents the trail of Sumatran swamp woods. Untamed life watching and appreciate scene are ideal to have while visiting Puputan Keling. Then, the water fall of Tembelung Berasap, will resfresh you.

The trail of mining can be seen at Camp Granit which is best for photograph chasing, flying creature watching, mountaineering, or just to have unwind and appreciate the nature. Inside the recreation center, lives the neighborhood clan, Talang Mamak and Melayu people group at Dusun Lemang and Siamang. Meanwhile, at Dusun Datai, the Talang Mamak lives in amicability with the nature.

However, they are rarely to make communication with outcast. Living with them and including yourself in their day by day live will improve your insight and experience on the standard that they accept and practice, and obviously, their custom. While getting a charge out of the nature, you can twofold your experince by learning the neighborhood social and social life.

On a specific time, the Talang Mamak will hold a conventional service. They accept that the slopes and plants at the recreation center forces an otherworldly power throughout everyday life. The convention, social and lifestyle contribute for the manageability of their encompassing region.

Talang Mamak individuals just take certained plants for drug. One campaign uncovered that Talang Mamak utilizes 110 plant species for prescription, restoring in excess of 56 sort of sickness. They additionally take 22 types of parasite for prescription.


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