Baluran National Park is situated in Situbondo, East Java. A bit of little savanna with its untamed life makes the recreation center is very notable as the little African of Java. The savanna is dispersed in the recreation center; Bekol, Alas Malang Cangkring, Bilik-Sijile and Talpat. Bekol is the most open one from the recreation center entryway. It just takes an hour drive from the primary entrace of the recreation center.

Guesthouses were constructed precisely confronting the savanna. It gives an ideal spot to rest while watching the natural life. The sun rises prior in the savanna. Guests must get up in all respects promptly in the first part of the day, arround 3 pm just to watch the sun rising over the savanna. Strolling at day break to contact the magnificence of the morning sun on the Bama Sea will give another impression.

The way which is 3 km toward the east from Bekol is simply amazing. Different untamed life can be seen in the Bekol savanna, for example, wild bison, bulls and reindeer troupes. They are effectively found in water lakes that are spread in a few areas in the savanna. During mating season, July – November, green peacock (Pavo muticus) can undoubtedly be seen. Prior to dawn, peacock screeches ending the quietness. They yell each other so as to atract the females. At the point when the females come, the male’s wings will grow consummately and after that they begin to moving flawlessly.

Exploring Bekol savanna way until reaching Bama shoreline will satisfy the desert climate superbly with volcanic rock dissipated under the trees. The 3 km long adventure will be joined by different types of feathered creatures. In the first part of the day and night, the winged animals peeping yelled.

In Bama seaward, beguiling reefs can be seen during swimming. A coral reef in Baluran National Park is the kind of bordering reef at 0.5 meters – 40 meters profundity. Not a long way from Bama, there is broadwalk that will carry guests to infiltrate the mangrove biological system. Adjoining the mangrove, there are a few paths accommodated for bird lovers.

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