Alas Purwo isn’t only a bit of wild. The backwoods has a close association of the neighborhood’s social and religious subtleties. Alas Purwo National Park which is situated in Banyuwangi, East Java is notable as a land for rover.

On the shade of the woodland covering, Pura Giri Saloka, a place of worship for Hindu, witnesses a living of concordance between local people and its nature. Various religious destinations which have a place with other religion can likewise be found in certain spots. In Pancur, 9 kilometers before Plengkung, for instance, there is water sprinkles that is believed to be a medication to remain youthful. On the first of Suro, a Javanese Calendar a great many pioneers will visit the site to complete a custom.

Interestingly with Pancur, Plengkung offers an advanced way of life. The shoreline, known as G-Land, is perceived worldwide as having the best wave for surfing. The name of G-Land could implies Grajagan Land, a shoreline strecthing along the west side of Plengkung. The G-shape like of the green tropical backwoods which spread along the shoreline additionally fitted the name.

From the east end toward the west, each wave has its own character. Their nicknames were given by the surfers who discovered them; Money Trees, Speedy’s, Kongs, Twentytwenty and Tiger Track.

The savanna of Sadengan preserves natural life. At the watch tower, by utilizing binoculars, guests can see the deer (Cervus timorensis), Buffalo (Bos javanicus) and Peacock (Pavo muticus). They are exceptionally simple to be seen. The assortment of the natural life and its straightforwardness to see them make Alas Purwo to be an ideal zone for directing exploration.

Bedul mangrove is another fascinating site for guests. The local people manage tour packages. The uniqueness of the caverns which are dissipated all through the district, advancing vacationer trip in the eastest part of the Java island.

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